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Tree Stewards of Arlington & Alexandria will begin a new membership class in late fall, but we are not accepting applications yet. This will be a hybrid training of weekly Zoom presentations (both live and pre-recorded) and assigned readings you do at your own home. In person weekend sessions with experienced Tree Stewards will provide discussions of that week’s Zoom and readings, hold tree walks, practice pruning and planting, and teach the correct way to identify and remove invasive plants.

We do encourage those who want to learn more about trees to download and read the manual used in our training class: Virginia Tree Stewards Online Training Manual. And view videos of past classes on our Tree Steward Training YouTube Channel. These will provide you with good information to use now for your own trees, plus you’ll be ahead when the training program begins.

Additionally, both Arlington and Alexandria parks have some volunteer opportunities you can check out at:

We hope you will join us and help us make a difference in the health of our urban canopy.

The Volunteer Training Program is designed to prepare participants for volunteer service to the community. Through classroom training and hands-on practice, Tree Stewards learn the basics of tree biology and physiology, tree identification, planting and maintenance techniques, construction impacts on trees, pruning and selecting the right tree for the right spot.

What are Volunteer Service Hours?
Each trainee makes a commitment to improving and protecting their community forest through 30 hours of volunteer service during the next year. Opportunities for volunteering are provided.

What does it cost? The $120 fee pays for all course material and facility expenses. If you need a scholarship to attend, tell us what you will be able to pay and what your plans are for volunteer work. No one willing to volunteer is turned away for lack of funds.

How do I express interest? If interested, please email us at with your full name and we notify you when we have a new training opportunity.

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