Apply Now for the Tree Canopy Fund Program

Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment (ACE) is now accepting letters of intent to apply for the 2011-2012 cycle of the Tree Canopy Fund.  Letters of intent are due by April 8 and applications will be due by July 8.

Don’t be confused — the ACE Canopy Fund program is different from the distribution of “small tree whips,” which doesn’t take place until the fall.  There are now two programs in Arlington County to encourage tree plantings and your neighborhood can apply for trees from both!

The ACE Canopy Fund gives grants to community groups to plant and maintain trees on private property. This program is administered by ACE and the Arlington County Urban Forestry Commission — not the TreeStewards — so please contact the program directly for more information.  Questions and comments may be addressed to ACE at or 703-228-6427.

This program awards 2″ caliper, 6′ high trees, professionally planted. There is a short turnaround time to show interest in this program — the full proposal is due in July. Check it out and if you and your neighbors would like to have a tree planted on private property, get a letter in by April 8! There is a limited amount of money for this program so follow instructions to better ensure your group is one of those chosen

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