From Current President Nora Palmatier

Being President of TreeStewards has been a growing experience.

Being President of TreeStewards has been a growing experience.

TreeStewards Arlington & Alexandria Annual Meeting with elections for the Board of Directors and officers will be Tuesday, July 14 at Fairlington Community Center.  Socializing begins at 6:30 PM and a very important organizational meeting begins at 7:00.  We members need to elect a Board that will guide our activities through the next year – and members will be asked to take on tasks.

In June 2010, TreeStewards formally approved our Bylaws, with the offices of President, VP Membership, VP Communications, Treasurer and three At Large Directors.  I have served as President for the last 5 years, (informally as coordinator since 2008) and enjoyed myself hugely. Now it is time to hand over the coordination.

Collectively we accomplish much (in 2014, 3100 hours of service to 3500 people and 3760 trees)  and there are many good volunteers for the TreeSteward Board for the next year. Unfortunately, each prefers to assist the organizations in ways that are not as President.  It appears that TreeStewards of Arlington & Alexandria will be coordinated by the entire Board, with each individual taking on tasks. That’s why it’s so important that members come to the Annual Meeting as we really need to organize ourselves. Each of our 80+ members is asked to step forward and volunteer to do one task for the organization, whether as simple as writing one article for the web site or ongoing commitment to respond to email requests.

The candidates for Board are:

  •  Treasurer:  Jane Longan will continue. She will handle official registrations with state and federal entities and maintain finances.
  • Vice President Communications:  Eileen Grant will chair a committee to update the web site and event calendar, write news articles, check the email, and other tasks.  Can you volunteer to assist?
  • Vice President Membership: Nora Palmatier will chair a committee to ensure each member is volunteering all they desire and will work with new class graduates.
  • At Large Members
  • Alice & Bill Rogalski will share an Alexandria seat (2 for 1!!!) and take on tasks as needed
  • Kate Donohue, Arlington At Large seat, will be coordinating continuing education programs
  • Jolene Jesse, Alexandria At Large seat, will take on tasks as needed

We current board members have searched and not found a member to step forward as President.  I plan on remaining an active member of the board and TreeStewards, but I will no longer be the one sending announcements and encouraging participation.  I am confident others will come forward to take on the necessary tasks. Looking forward to seeing you July 14 at the Annual Meeting!

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