Second Annual Alexandria City Tree Give Away

Happy new tree owner

I always wanted a Magnolia tree!

On Saturday October 10, 2015 The Tree Stewards of Arlington and Alexandria held their Second Annual Tree Give Away for residents of Alexandria City.  One hundred and five trees were offered for the reserve fee of $5.  Residents signed up online and came to the Del Ray Baptist Church to pick up their trees.

shade or canopy

Did we reserve a Red Oak or a Redbud?

labeled trees waiting for owners

Labeled, lined up and ready to go to a new home

the gang's all here

Tree Steward gang of volunteers








I pick this one

Dad, pick this one!



Participants were allowed a maximum of two trees (one canopy and one understory). Tree choices included Red Oak, Hornbeam, Magnolia, Gray Birch, Dogwood and Serviceberry among others. Only native species were selected for the give away and all the trees came from Octoraro Native Plant Nursery in Pennsylvania.

All trees were successfully picked up by their new owners, many of whom donated the $5 reserve fee back to Tree Stewards.

If you happened to be one of the recipients of a new tree, please send us a picture of you planting your tree.  Mail to Thank you.



About TreeStewards

TreeStewards of Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia, are trained volunteers who work to protect, preserve, and enhance urban tree canopy through public education and volunteer activities such as planting, pruning, and caring for trees.
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