Tree Stewards Activities from Fall 2021

Tree Stewards volunteered for numerous planting, pruning, invasive plants removal, and tree distributions/native plant sales this fall. Here are a few photos of TS at work in the community.

TS Bonnie Petry secured a grant from TD Bank and the Arbor Day Foundation for a tree planting at Ben Brenman Park in Alexandria. On October 16, TS and community volunteers planted 35 native trees, which will provide food and habitat for birds and other wildlife, absorb storm-water run off, sequester carbon, shade paths to make the park more usable for humans in the summer months, mitigate the heat island effect, and make the park more visually interesting.
Bonnie writes: “The most meaningful parts of the project were teaching a lot of new people how to plant a tree, educating the folks on the value of native trees, and seeing people’s pride in and excitement about being a part of a truly meaningful, high value, long term value activity.  It was also meaningful to me that people will have accomplished something real and tangible that took hard work, and they will be able to go back and see the trees they planted!”
On November 13, TS restarted the natural plantings of Brandymore Castle in Arlington. Twelve TS and Master Naturalists turned out to provide supervision of fifteen volunteers from community and five of the new TS training class which doesn’t start till February 2022.

TS Jo Allen has been leading the effort to remove invasive plants from all trees and groundcover and trying to keep bike riders from damaging more of the fragile environment for years, so it’s great to see the progress made.  Arlington Urban Forester Melissa Gildea worked with Earth Sangha in choosing 80 trees and shrubs to block off the bike paths and 50 Virginia Creeper to stop one bank’s erosion. We got these small plants in during the morning and in the afternoon did the hardware part, along with ground ivy removal.
TS Doug Dickman went with Melissa to pick up plastic tree tubes, short and large wooden stakes, bundles of wire, plastic deer guards, etc. from the Trades Center and County Nursery. You can see Doug securing a plastic tube with a large stake.  There will also be a large enclosure of chicken wire surrounding the steep bank where TS struggled to get in the 50 Virginia Creeper. It will be a learning experience over the next year to see which protective device is most effective at deterring deer and bikers.  
TS Marilyn Stone and Hugh Robinson collect debris after Tree Stewards pruned trees on November 14 at Arlington Traditional School on North McKinley Road. Photo: Tree Steward Eden Brown

About TreeStewards

TreeStewards of Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia, are trained volunteers who work to protect, preserve, and enhance urban tree canopy through public education and volunteer activities such as planting, pruning, and caring for trees.
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