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Trees and Stream Restoration: What’s the Connection?

Everything. Eroding stream banks can expose tree roots, eventually killing trees, which can fall into streams, blocking water flow and reducing precious tree canopy. But many mature trees often are lost when streams are “restored.” They cannot be replaced with … Continue reading

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2019-20 Training Course Seeks Applicants

Enrollment for the 2019-20 training course for Tree Steward volunteers is open. Apply by completing the application form and reviewing the course synopsis below. Please consider enrolling in the 2019-20 training sessions. What do Tree Stewards do? Tree Stewards Increase … Continue reading

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Four Mile Run Valley Project Needs Tree Stewards’ Help

Arlington is in the process of designing the Jennie Dean Park at Shirlington/Four Mile Run — and our participation at one of these events is very important. There are groups interested in more ball fields, dog parks, playgrounds, concert spaces, … Continue reading

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Save Our Counted Trees from Invasives: February 21, 2015

  On Saturday morning, February 21, 2015 we will remove invasive plants choking the trees — and practice our winter tree ID skills.  Please don your winter work clothes, bring gloves and clippers and meet us between 9AM and Noon at the intersection … Continue reading

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Prevention through Education: The Home Show Strategy

Too often the first inkling of construction in our neighborhoods is the day the trees come down — but could this be prevented by education to the construction companies and residents planning to remodel or build a new house? TreeStewards and the Arlington County … Continue reading

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A Case of What Not to Do: Topping Trees

By 2013 TreeSteward intern Pat Cardiff For the last few weeks, I’ve worked under the direction of Arlington County staff to shape several hawthorn trees that suffered topping by the utility company; these mature trees were unfortunately planted years ago … Continue reading

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Majestic Tree Recognition in Arlington County

Arlington County has a number of programs designed to recognize its most outstanding trees, for the purposes of rewarding owners for maintaining them, encouraging owners to continue to do so, and for generally increasing public awareness of trees for their … Continue reading

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Trees Endangered: Millennium Project at Arlington National Cemetery

By TreeSteward Christina Campanella At the edge of a steep drop off in the northwestern portion of Arlington National Cemetery a group of TreeStewards, Master Naturalists and other community activists from Arlington and around the region stared grimly at the … Continue reading

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Make Room for Trees: November 14, 2013

A view of current tree plantings – how will increased population affect future plantings? As the population in the Northeast increases to 65 million people over the next few decades, how will this growth affect our ecosystem and our tree … Continue reading

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Tree Preservation and New Construction: Arlington Rules

On May 9, 2012 the Lyon Park Civic Association hosted a panel discussion on tree removal issues related to new construction, in response to recent community discussion about the removal of trees at 310 N Fillmore Street. The informative and … Continue reading

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