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Can Trees become Pets?

My grandparents scaped a living from a small farm. Grandad would bandage cuts on his horses’, rub salve on coughing cows, and treat the dogs mange with sulphur powder; when a tree limb broke, he sawed it off where it was most … Continue reading

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Post-Storm Damages & Treatment for Trees

The homeowners reviewed several tree service providers to remove their beloved black oak downed by Hurricane Sandy. Finding a qualified tree service is important protection for the homeowner. Sometimes less credible tree  follow storms for a quick buck and blow out … Continue reading

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Storms and Trees: Part One

A tree fell on our house this winter; actually it was worse than that. Two trees fell on our house. In late January, we were sitting at the dining room table watching the heavy wet snowflakes blanket our backyard when … Continue reading

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