Oct. 24, 2015: Tree Distribution Arlington

Over 400 trees were adopted and education was delivered to over 350 families on care of their new tree. It was wonderful to see the happy people and know trees would be well cared for!

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Winter Tree ID Presentation November 10, 2015

A hollytree with its red berries is easily identified by humans and birds when the ground is covered in snow.

A hollytree with its red berries is easily identified by humans and birds when the ground is covered in snow.

Arlington County Urban Forester Vincent Verweij gave a great presentation to TreeStewards last week on winter tree ID.  The entire presentation is available at https://treestewards.files.wordpress.com/2015/11/winter-tree-id-vverweij.pdf


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Second Annual Alexandria City Tree Give Away

Happy new tree owner

I always wanted a Magnolia tree!

On Saturday October 10, 2015 The Tree Stewards of Arlington and Alexandria held their Second Annual Tree Give Away for residents of Alexandria City.  One hundred and five trees were offered for the reserve fee of $5.  Residents signed up online and came to the Del Ray Baptist Church to pick up their trees.

shade or canopy

Did we reserve a Red Oak or a Redbud?

labeled trees waiting for owners

Labeled, lined up and ready to go to a new home

the gang's all here

Tree Steward gang of volunteers








I pick this one

Dad, pick this one!



Participants were allowed a maximum of two trees (one canopy and one understory). Tree choices included Red Oak, Hornbeam, Magnolia, Gray Birch, Dogwood and Serviceberry among others. Only native species were selected for the give away and all the trees came from Octoraro Native Plant Nursery in Pennsylvania.

All trees were successfully picked up by their new owners, many of whom donated the $5 reserve fee back to Tree Stewards.

If you happened to be one of the recipients of a new tree, please send us a picture of you planting your tree.  Mail to info@treestewards.org. Thank you.



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Native Trees Available for Arlington Yards

TreeStewards will be at the nursery to provide education

TreeStewards will be at the nursery to provide education

Choose the best native tree for your Arlington yard with the help of TreeStewards this fall. Arlington County’s Natural Resources Division is providing a variety of native tree species and one would be perfect for your yard. Among the different species offered this year are Eastern redbud, Sweetbay magnolia, American holly, Flowering dogwood, Persimmon, Alegheny serviceberry, Smooth alder, Chestnut oak and Post oak. All trees not picked up by 3 PM on Saturday October 24th are open to adoption — over 100 were still available last year! So if your favorite is SOLD OUT, drop by at 3PM and see if one is available.

The trees being distributed are generally termed “whips” in the nursery trade and are in two-gallon containers – you can carry them and they will fit in your car. Tree height varies with species but generally ranges between two to four feet. Because we want as many people as possible to get a tree, only one tree per household.

Not sure which one is best for your yard? Are you with a condo or HOA desiring more than one tree?  We can provide additional help if you contact us at info@TreeStewards.org. Then you register your selection on line at link below. You pick up the tree whip on Saturday, October 24th at the nursery on Four Mile Run behind Barcroft Recreation Center Field #6. TreeSteward volunteers will be on site providing additional information to ensure you plant and maintain your tree the best way.

This year, the distribution event takes place Saturday, October 24 at the Arlington County nursery facility from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. The nursery is located in South Arlington on South Four Mile Run, behind Barcroft Field #6. Parking is available within the parking lot in front of the ball field. All participants are asked to walk to the nursery to pick up their tree.

All trees not picked up by 3 PM on Saturday October 24 the are open to adoption, so if your favorite is SOLD OUT, drop by at 3 PM and see if one is available.

Click this link or paste in your browser: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tree-distribution-program-2015-tickets-18395588701

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TreeStewards are Good Neighbors

By TreeSteward Joslin Gallatin, Class of 2015

visit article Arlington’s Tree Canopy Fund is a project to increase the number of shade trees in neighborhoods with low canopy coverage. As a  TreeSteward volunteer, I  offered to meet with a potential recipient who is just 2 blocks from me. Although I had not met him before, I had noticed (while walking the dog)  that 2 trees were removed late last year. I’ve  been noticing that Silver Maples in the neighborhood have been looking in bad health.

The property owner immediately said he was looking at the Tilia americana , also known as American Linden or American Basswood, because he had seen it while on an overseas assignment and really appreciated it’s form and leaves. Luckily this is one of the trees that will “fit” his property and give him pleasure. It is about 60 feet tall at 20 years, single stemmed with a dense crown, yellow flowers in the Spring, yellow leaves in the Fall, and best of all – it’s NATIVE! Wildlife eat seeds, twigs, and buds and bees use the fragrant flowers to make delicious honey.

Tilia Americana or Linden or Basswood -- whatever name, it is a great tree

Tilia Americana or Linden or Basswood — whatever name, it is a great tree

The homeowner showed me the two spots where his two trees were removed and happened to mention that his front doorknob was hot to the touch with the afternoon sun. We decided that the tree would be planted on the left bare spot to shade the doorknob! I took a screwdriver to make sure the spot (the trunks were ground up when the trees were removed) was able to be dug for the Tilia and it was. We also talked about a few small, native, understory trees for the other side of his front yard – but that’s another project.

All of this took less than an hour and was a most pleasant experience. AND, I met another neighbor of his and explained about TreeStewards. He may avail himself of the same opportunity in the near future.

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From Current President Nora Palmatier

Being President of TreeStewards has been a growing experience.

Being President of TreeStewards has been a growing experience.

TreeStewards Arlington & Alexandria Annual Meeting with elections for the Board of Directors and officers will be Tuesday, July 14 at Fairlington Community Center.  Socializing begins at 6:30 PM and a very important organizational meeting begins at 7:00.  We members need to elect a Board that will guide our activities through the next year – and members will be asked to take on tasks.

In June 2010, TreeStewards formally approved our Bylaws, with the offices of President, VP Membership, VP Communications, Treasurer and three At Large Directors.  I have served as President for the last 5 years, (informally as coordinator since 2008) and enjoyed myself hugely. Now it is time to hand over the coordination.

Collectively we accomplish much (in 2014, 3100 hours of service to 3500 people and 3760 trees)  and there are many good volunteers for the TreeSteward Board for the next year. Unfortunately, each prefers to assist the organizations in ways that are not as President.  It appears that TreeStewards of Arlington & Alexandria will be coordinated by the entire Board, with each individual taking on tasks. That’s why it’s so important that members come to the Annual Meeting as we really need to organize ourselves. Each of our 80+ members is asked to step forward and volunteer to do one task for the organization, whether as simple as writing one article for the web site or ongoing commitment to respond to email requests.

The candidates for Board are:

  •  Treasurer:  Jane Longan will continue. She will handle official registrations with state and federal entities and maintain finances.
  • Vice President Communications:  Eileen Grant will chair a committee to update the web site and event calendar, write news articles, check the email info@TreeStewards.org, and other tasks.  Can you volunteer to assist?
  • Vice President Membership: Nora Palmatier will chair a committee to ensure each member is volunteering all they desire and will work with new class graduates.
  • At Large Members
  • Alice & Bill Rogalski will share an Alexandria seat (2 for 1!!!) and take on tasks as needed
  • Kate Donohue, Arlington At Large seat, will be coordinating continuing education programs
  • Jolene Jesse, Alexandria At Large seat, will take on tasks as needed

We current board members have searched and not found a member to step forward as President.  I plan on remaining an active member of the board and TreeStewards, but I will no longer be the one sending announcements and encouraging participation.  I am confident others will come forward to take on the necessary tasks. Looking forward to seeing you July 14 at the Annual Meeting!

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