Tree Species for Our Area

Washington Monument with Reflecting Pool and row of American elm trees on the National Mall.

American elms are the dominant tree species on the National Mall. (All photos from Casey Trees)

Leaves and acorns of the Chestnut oak (Quercus montana).

Leaves and acorns of the Chestnut oak (Quercus montana).

Confused about what tree to plant? Here’s help.

These lists have been compiled by ISA certified arborists who work directly with our urban forest every day. They know trees. But more important, they know trees that will be happy in your front yard, under overhead utility wires, next to your sidewalk, and in the darkest corner of your backyard. Take a look, then head to a nursery for the right tree for your place, and start planting.

Fall is the best time to plant most trees: The soil is still warm and welcoming to roots; the air is generally cooler and the sun lower, which help prevent drying Continue reading

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Gently Hug Your Older Trees

This campaign was produced by TreeStewards of Arlington and Alexandria with a grant from ecoAction Arlington. It is in the public domain and may be used by all tree lovers worldwide. We do not have translated material. Click here to view a slide presentation for the Mature Trees Are Valuable Trees campaign. Please complete all required portions of our contact form if you are requesting a script.


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Mature Trees Presentation

Mature Tree Slide Deck in PDF

This short slide presentation and  all elements of the Mature Trees Are Valuable Trees are in the public domain for tree lovers to share with their friends, neighbors, community and church groups, schools, public officials, and clubs. You do not need to ask permission, but we would appreciate learning where and when our material is being used. Please fill out the contact form to let us know. And if you would like a copy of the script to modify and use with the slides, please check that box on the contact form.

Thank you for sharing this information!

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Don’t Cut That Tree!

A Michigan tree supplier is matching mature trees destined for the chipper to clients who want stately specimens. Not our story, but interesting nevertheless.

Re-Tree gives mature trees a second chance

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Warmer, Wetter, Weirder: Weather by 2050

Here’s a colorful, graphic look at weather trends for the next generation. We didn’t write this, but we think it’s worth a look. And in our view, more trees will help moderate this turn for the worse in climate. Fall is the best time to plant trees: Do it now!

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NYC Street Tree Map : NYC Parks

Explore and learn about every street tree in New York City, including stewardship activities. See

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Oak Decline in Virginia article.pdf – Google Drive

Oak Decline in Virginia article.pdf – Google Drive
— Read on

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2018 Training Session 1


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Forestry Webinars to Watch for CE Credit

It may be sunny outside, but the light shines brightly from your home computer if you tune in to hear or participate in urban forestry webinars that are offered free. Most, if not all, are archived about a week after their live date, so you can watch and listen at your leisure and clock those Continuing Education hours on Track It Forward.

Logo of Southern Regional Extension Forestry's Webinar Series: Understanding Urban and Community Forests
The first of a year-long series by Southern Regional Extension Forestry starts at 1 p.m. today (Wednesday, March 14). The topic is Nature and Health in Communities: A Review of Best Available Science. In one webinar, our own Nora Palmatier discussed Tree Stewards: Case Study of Two Virginia Urban Tree Volunteer Programs. For more about the webinar series, which is designed for extension agents and personnel but valuable for Tree Stewards too, click here.

If you ever wondered if size matters when selecting a tree to plant, check out this most recently archived of Can simple production or propagation decisions impact landscape performance of container-grown trees? What are the returns on your investment in the size of planting stock? Will the “little dogs” catch the “big ones” in the end? In this webinar, Dr. Michael Arnold of Texas A&M University will consider the big impacts of small planting stock selection decisions. Some of the findings might surprise you.

Tree Stewards are not confused about the term “urban forestry,” but just to clear up any misunderstandings, let popular Tree Stewards lecturer Dr. Jim McGlone explain in a webinar produced for Virginia Master Naturalists and available to all at noon Thursday, March 22. Details.



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A Champion Falls

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