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Registration for our 2017 training session is now closed. Follow us on Facebook or check back here for details on the next session.

This Deodor cedar (Cedrus deodara) located near the Arlington House dwarfs TreeSteward in it's shade.The Tree Stewards of Arlington and Alexandria take a love of trees and put it into action by training volunteers and organizing events to improve our urban forests and make our community brighter. We educate our neighbors on tree care, provide direct assistance, and act as effective advocates for our local tree canopy. Want to join us? To become a Tree Steward you don’t need to be a scientist or arborist or forestry professional (though some of us are). All it takes is a love of trees and a desire to get involved.

  • We volunteer with local city and county arborists to plant, prune, water, mulch, and monitor street trees, trees on school grounds, and trees in the parks.
  • We educate the community at farmers markets and at special events such as Earth Day, Arbor Day, and Neighborhood Days.
  • We find resources and develop materials for specific educational campaigns, such as the very successful Take Ivy Off Trees project.
  • We advocate for trees through appointments to the Arlington and Falls Church Urban Forestry Commissions, on Alexandria’s Environment and Parks Committee, as well as our own civic and condo associations, HOAs, and church groups.
  • And so much more!

Interested in learning how to recognize emerald Ash borer? How to tell the difference between a Northern Red Oak, a Southern Red Oak, and a Scarlet Oak? Where to find trees that may be local, state, or even national champions? Do you enjoy spending time with fun-loving tree huggers? If so, then consider becoming a Tree Steward — as our T-shirts attest, “We Stand Up for Trees!”

Information on the next training session is available here. Also be sure to check out our calendar of events and Like us on Facebook.

-Kate Donohue, President, Tree Stewards of Arlington and Alexandria

About TreeStewards

TreeStewards of Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia, are trained volunteers who work to protect, preserve, and enhance urban tree canopy through public education and volunteer activities such as planting, pruning, and caring for trees.
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