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Making a Difference in 2013: 4,000 Trees and 5,000 People

The numbers have been crunched from our on-line reporting system and 64 TreeSteward members reported 3300+ service hours in calendar year 2013. More importantly, we provided education over 5,000 times and worked directly with trees 4,000 times. For statisticians reading … Continue reading

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Another Tree Benefit: Good Cell Reception

While hiking in a nearby National Park, I came upon the specimen shown to the right, which was unlike any other tree in this oak/hickory forest. I pulled out my trusty Smartphone App Guide to Trees of North America and … Continue reading

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Visiting Tree Nurseries: Kids in a Candy Store

Last fall during Arlington County’s free Tree Distribution day, TreeStewards helped families select the best tree for their yard and provided education on its care. The event is happening again on October 26, and our members are even more involved! … Continue reading

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Tree Shade: 18 Degrees of Benefit

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Labeling Who’s Who in Ornamental Tree Garden

Arlington’s Ornamental Tree Garden located in Bon Air Park alongside the W&OD trail was designed more than 20 years ago as a place for study how a particular tree looked when blooming and during the winter. Over time however, some … Continue reading

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Burma Shave Signs for Trees

TreeStewards had a great discussion at our Annual Meeting last week on strategies to meet our goal to “increase public awareness of the intrinsic value and beauty of trees”. One of our Falls Church members displayed the signs (shown to … Continue reading

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Can Trees become Pets?

My grandparents scaped a living from a small farm. Grandad would bandage cuts on his horses’, rub salve on coughing cows, and treat the dogs mange with sulphur powder; when a tree limb broke, he sawed it off where it was most … Continue reading

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Bluemont Connector Trail Green Corridor

The Green Corridor just got greener on December 13 with the planting of 25 native species trees between Emerson Street and  Illinois Street along the Bluemont Connector Trail.  TreeSteward volunteers joined with staff from the Parks and Natural Resources Division to plant Persimmons, Eastern … Continue reading

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Make Room for Trees: November 14, 2013

A view of current tree plantings – how will increased population affect future plantings? As the population in the Northeast increases to 65 million people over the next few decades, how will this growth affect our ecosystem and our tree … Continue reading

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Watering Trees: Screwdrivers to the Rescue

The Texas Forest Service answers the question “How do I know if my large trees need water?” Get a large screwdriver and try to put the blade 6″ into the ground.  If it goes in easily, watering is not needed.  If the ground is baked solid and … Continue reading

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