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2019-20 Training Course Seeks Applicants

Enrollment for the 2019-20 training course for Tree Steward volunteers is open. Apply by completing the application form and reviewing the course synopsis below. Please consider enrolling in the 2019-20 training sessions. What do Tree Stewards do? Tree Stewards Increase … Continue reading

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Watering Trees: Screwdrivers to the Rescue

The Texas Forest Service answers the question “How do I know if my large trees need water?” Get a large screwdriver and try to put the blade 6″ into the ground.  If it goes in easily, watering is not needed.  If the ground is baked solid and … Continue reading

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Watering Trees Using Soaker Hoses

One watering method for trees is using soaker hoses.  TreeSteward Steve Campbell shares his experiences below. I’ve installed 100′ lengths of soaker hose under a layer of mulch, snaking it around plants in planting beds. I bring a regular hose over and … Continue reading

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How Much Does It Cost To Water Your Trees?

My Arlington County Utility bill just came. Since its been so dry this spring, I’ve watered my trees weekly and  I’m very interested in what this costs. Both water and sewer fee are charged per 1000 gallons of use, and currently … Continue reading

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Water Your New Trees, Please

Fall is an ideal time to plant most trees and many were planted this year. Now it’s our job to give these trees the best start possible by watering them regularly. About three gallons per week will do it. Why … Continue reading

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Lust, Redemption and Ooze Tubes

Like Jimmy Carter, I have known lust. In my case it is a neighbor’s Sweetbay magnolia (Magnolia virginiana), a perfect understory tree that remains evergreen in our winters with an early summer flower perfuming the air.  And then, joy of … Continue reading

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Rain Won’t Help Thirsty Trees

Trees need extra water to stay healthy when rain is insufficient. TreeStewards recommend watering your trees deeply and regularly during summer or during extended periods of drought. Channel 9 News video features TreeStewards President, Nora Palmatier, as she spreads the … Continue reading

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