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Here’s How to Help Your Sickly Oak Trees

The following guidance was developed by Arlington, Alexandria, and Falls Church urban foresters with participation by Tree Stewards of Arlington and Alexandria and Arlington Regional Master Naturalists.

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Watering Young Trees = SUCCESS

October 2013 was just the first step in reforesting Tarleton Park in Alexandria.  TD Bank employees under the guidance of TreeSteward volunteers planted 30 trees – and provided enough funds for weekly summer watering for two years. You can read … Continue reading

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Water Your New Trees, Please

Fall is an ideal time to plant most trees and many were planted this year. Now it’s our job to give these trees the best start possible by watering them regularly. About three gallons per week will do it. Why … Continue reading

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Summer Tree Care Tip

Trees are living things and need water to survive. To make watering even easier, use one of the following techniques: Turn on a hose on low for a 1/2 hour at the base of the tree. Place a 5-gallon bucket with … Continue reading

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Lust, Redemption and Ooze Tubes

Like Jimmy Carter, I have known lust. In my case it is a neighbor’s Sweetbay magnolia (Magnolia virginiana), a perfect understory tree that remains evergreen in our winters with an early summer flower perfuming the air.  And then, joy of … Continue reading

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Rain Won’t Help Thirsty Trees

Trees need extra water to stay healthy when rain is insufficient. TreeStewards recommend watering your trees deeply and regularly during summer or during extended periods of drought. Channel 9 News video features TreeStewards President, Nora Palmatier, as she spreads the … Continue reading

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