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Here’s How to Help Your Sickly Oak Trees

The following guidance was developed by Arlington, Alexandria, and Falls Church urban foresters with participation by Tree Stewards of Arlington and Alexandria and Arlington Regional Master Naturalists.

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Oak Decline in Virginia article.pdf – Google Drive

Oak Decline in Virginia article.pdf – Google Drive — Read on drive.google.com/file/d/19qdo-uDScON9H6Jel1Gi1vPr62_R7VgX/view

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Watering Trees Using Soaker Hoses

One watering method for trees is using soaker hoses.  TreeSteward Steve Campbell shares his experiences below. I’ve installed 100′ lengths of soaker hose under a layer of mulch, snaking it around plants in planting beds. I bring a regular hose over and … Continue reading

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Rain Won’t Help Thirsty Trees

Trees need extra water to stay healthy when rain is insufficient. TreeStewards recommend watering your trees deeply and regularly during summer or during extended periods of drought. Channel 9 News video features TreeStewards President, Nora Palmatier, as she spreads the … Continue reading

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